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The Tour-Guide App is the Swiss Army Knife of location services. The most important facts are: it's FREE, and it's available in iOS or Android.

You can use it to experience a wide range of tours from around the world, but you can also use it to guide you along Art Trails and view Highlight Maps.

Guided Tours

So what are these Tours and what can they do for you? Essentially they turn your phone (or really any device with GPS) into your personal Tour Guide. The built in map will guide you along the route. And at various highlights you will be able to listen to a commentary, or view a video, or read a document containing words and pictures.

Art Trails

Art Trails can be many different things but most often it is where a group of artists in the same area agree to open their studios (or galleries) at the same time. The Art Trail will let you preview their work so you can decide which to visit, and of course the App will guide you directly to their door. More …

Highlight Maps

Highlight Maps also have a diverse range of uses, but quite often they are used to showcase all the Points of Interest (highlights) of a particular area. You can check them out on the App before deciding which to visit. More …

Before you can enjoy any of our Tours, you'll need to download the app.
TourGuide is FREE and available for Android, iPhone and iPad. All of the tours are Free to download.

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You can of course browse the Tours, Art Trails and Highlight Maps we have available on this site, but you can only download them onto the device you want to use them on.

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